Virtual Worlds Consulting and Education

Virtual Worlds encourage people to explore identities beyond those they have inherited or previously understood.  Virtual Worlds allow a person who is physically in North Carolina to sit in a club with a person who is in Germany and another who is in Portugal and listen to a friend who lives in Australia sing karaoke in real time.  Virtual Worlds can offer great consolation and friendship to those who cannot leave or find it difficult to leave their physical homes.

Virtual Worlds can offer businesses low-cost ways to provide experiences, goods, and services to an intelligent focus group.  Virtual Worlds that are “always on” can host training and collaborative work apparatuses that allow people across the globe to interact with one another in synchronous but also asynchronous ways as well.  Virtual Worlds can host conferences that more people can attend using fewer resources.

Or Virtual Worlds can be time-wasting addictive isolating attractors of the lowest evolutionary level of human scum.


I can help you see if Virtual Worlds fit into your big picture.