Okay, seriously, I just hit things and make noise.  But I seem to be good at it.

My parents both played music, my father with the Grand Ole Opry, with his own bands, with others, and as a studio musician; he played guitar, banjo, drums, and sax.  But it was my mother who played the bongos on stage between the other acts I blame for my percussive nature.  My grandfather likely also gave me incentive to carry this dream beyond childhood when the drum set I received for Christmas magically disappeared after I went back to school a week later.

One of my husband’s bands at the time needed a washboard player, and I had always wanted to learn, so I read a lot, watched a lot of videos, then ordered one and practiced.  About two years later, I’ve also worked with cajon, tambourine, and other sound effects.

You can hear my washboard playing (and my husband’s banjo) at my YouTube channel or at

bobfest rehearsal with charles
Deanya with Charles Urban of NEAT Stuttgart and Tolling Thunder Review